Line Driver (Buffer) Systems

SINGLECOIL Line Driver (Buffer) systems

Your signal chain is everything between your guitar and the amplifiers input, including all the cables. As your signal chain gets more complex (adding more stompboxes and patch cables), more true-bypass devices or with the use of longer cables you may start to notice a loss of treble in your guitar sound. Your tone may sound much more lifeless and duller than it does when you plug your guitar straight into the amp with a short cable. You can avoid this problem with the use of a so-called "buffer" (aka "line driver") in front and/or after your signal chain. The general idea behind using a buffer in front of the signal path is to present a high impedance, low capacitance load to the guitar pickups, which lets all of the natural sound of the guitar come through without any degradation. The buffer also has a low impedance output that is easily capable of driving long cables and capacitive loads as seen in most pedalboards. You can also use such a device at the end of your fx-chain, to provide a rock-solid and strong signal for long cable runs to your amp(s). Our buffer boards are fully populated with the finest low-tolerance parts available, tested for functionality and tone and are ready to drop in, for full flexibility you can connect any wire to the solder lugs on the PCB you want to, to tweak the system even more - we recommend to use our audiophile silver/gold wire for this purpose ! You can build them into a stompbox, true bypass strip, a guitar, a bass ... whatever you prefer. We only use selected parts, the finest of the finest eg. selected high-quality ICīs and transistors, precision IC and transistor sockets, metal film resistors and film caps, so you will have no tolerances and background noise. You can power with 9 up to 18 volts for maximum headroom.

You can decide between three different versions, the "IC version" with absolutely no tone-coloration at all, the "Discreet version" with a transistor (JFET), that will slightly color your tone (but in a very positive, musical way, adding dynamics and transparency) or the "High Defintion" version with an ultra-high input impedance for bringing out unheard details.

The "Discreet version" with the JFET inside has no unity gain and itīs running at approx. 93% of the original signal. This is part of the design, and unavoidable ... the nature of the beast if you will. The JFET design will color your tone slightly, but in a very positive and musical way, making your tone fatter, warmer, rounder and adding dynamics and transparency. This version is ideal for use with all kinds of bases and a lot of Jazz and Swing players also prefer this one.

The "Standard version" is absolutely unity gain, so there is no volume difference between the unbuffered and the buffered signal. The Standard version is designed for absolutely no tone-coloration at all, it will not add any highs or cut any bass frequencies, itīs just as if itīs not there, simply taking care for a strong signal. This is the overall version for all kinds of applications and our best-selling version. This version also works perfectly at the end of your fx-chain as a line-driver for long cable runs to your amp(s).

The "High Defintion version" is a very special thing, itīs based on the IC version, so it has unity-gain and no tone colloration at all. But it provides an ultra-high input impedance (approx. four times the input impedance of the standard IC version), so it brings out previously inaudible and unheard details and richness of your tone. You will be suprised, how well defined and strong your tone will be, especially together with a good tube amp - your overall tone will be better, stronger and clearer than ever before. This version is also perfect for all acoustic instruments like guitars, violins etc.

So itīs all your choice. Custom versions of the buffer (eg. built into a stompbox, stand-alone units with true bypass etc.) are available from our Custom Shop, please send us an email with your wishes.

SINGLECOIL Line Driver (Buffer) standard stompbox

If you would like to try this buffer circuit before you build or buy one, no problem! We have built several buffer units, you can rent for free. All you have to do, is send us a deposit and your address. After you sent back the unit, you will receive a full refund of the deposit, minus the shipping costs.

If you want to read some official reviews of our buffer, Harmony Central is a good place to have a look at H E R E you can go directly to the HC overview page.

$ 33.00 / 30.00 €uros
for the kit (SKU: buffkit)
$ 88.00 / 80.00 €uros for the stompbox (SKU: buffbox)
==> please specify what version you want (Discreet, Standard or High Defintion) !!!!!

Our customers can download the detailed manual how to install and connect the buffer H E R E You will need a password to open the file and we will only send it to verified customers - sorry, no exceptions !

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