... other SINGLECOIL dudes

When we started the SINGLECOIL business in 2005 we were the first and only company with this name, so we registered it as our trademark - there is only one SINGLECOIL company, and that are we !

Over the years a lot of other dudes in the guitar business incorporated words like humbucker, singlecoil and the like in their URLīs, so here is a list of some other SINGLECOIL dudes:


Single Coil guitar repairs from Gordon White in Leeds/UK. Gordon is running his guitar repair shop to repair, modify and enhance every given guitar and his customers list is impressive.


This is now one of our own domain names and was originally registered by our friend Heinz Rebellius from the German "Gitarre&Bass" guitar mag. He didnīt need it, so he transferred it to us, planned to host a German version of our webpage. But with approx. 80% international orders we skipped this plan years ago and the domain name is not in use for now (forwarded to our main doamin).


This time not SINGLECOIL, but Humbucker :-) I really love this webpage, Jake Langston from Rossville (TN) in the USA seems to have the same likings and preferences regarding design and passion as we have. His webpage is pure 50īs retro design and his "They sell Tone" headline is simply marvellous.

... more to come !

* please note, that we, the SINGLECOIL company, have nothing to do with all the other guys and gals from the list above - they are not working for us, and we are not working for them ! The SINGLECOIL name (in capital letters) is our registered trademark !!!