Anti-Hazard & Shock Systems

donīt get zapped !!!

You all know the stories about guitarists that get zapped while touching the strings because of a malfunction in an electrical device like the amp - some of them even died ! This ready to drop in system can save your life ! You simply insert it into the cable, coming from the bridge or any other metal part to ground the strings. In the case of a malfunction in an electrical device, this system will protect you from a dangerous electrical shock while you are touching the strings. This system will not affect your tone in any way and is easy to install. Each system is made out of very high quality components and can handle up to 1000 volts !!! Before shipping. each system is tested for functionality - 6 bucks that can save your life !

Our customers can download the instructions how to install the anti hazard & shock system H E R E You will need a password to open the file and we only send it to verified customers - sorry, no exeptions !

Price: $ 4.95 / 4.50 €uros (SKU: ahaz)

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