Little Helpers

Stompbox Mounting Helpers

stompbox mounting is easy !

Iīm sure you all know this, your stompbox collection is growing and growing and soon you will need a permanentely installed pedalboard to organize your complexe fx setup. One of the typical problems that will cross your way now is how to attach all the different pedals and accessories to your pedalboard. This is a very important decission because you have to make sure that all your expensive stuff canīt fall off the board under any circumstances. One method that can be seen often is to attach everything with velcro. Depending on the quality velcro can make a strong connection, but it has some massive disadvantages ..... you have to keep the velcro always clean, otherwise the connection will come loose - have you ever seen a clean stage ? And try to use a velcro system pedalboard on a very warm stage or an open-air gig in the direct sunlight in the middle of august ... the glue on the backside of the velcro will start to loose its adhesive abilities and the whole structure will come off - this is the socalled "sticky velcro mess from hell" that can cost you a lot of bucks when your boutique pedals came off the board. Try to get rid of the glue after you take off some velcro strips from the bottom plate of a stompbox and you will get a good taste of what Iīm talking about :-) The german based NOBELS company developed a very good alternative that they called "Mounty Pīs", a short metal strip to screw underneath your stompbox and on your pedalboard - a simple and very effective method, a screwed connection is much more durable than any velcro. But even this system has some disadvantages:

1. The "Mounty Pīs" are out of black painted sheet metal. The paint will come off easily and once the metal got wet it will start to rust soon.

2. They are only available as a set of four strips, normally you donīt need four metal strips to hold a pedal in place ;-)

3. They will only fit the typical Boss sized stompboxes but not your boutique stuff, your Wah and Volume pedals, EH, Danelectro, MXR, ProCo, Keeley, Analogman etc. stompboxes

We did a redesign and here is our own modified version for you:

- made out of grinded SS304 stainless steel, impossible to destroy and to rust
- available as individual pieces
- available in two versions so you can attach now any pedal
- both versions have the same price

The "standard version" will fit all Boss and Boss sized pedals, eg. Nobels, Ibanez, Behringer etc. while our "extended version" will fit all the other stompboxes as well as all Wah and Volume pedals, eg. all boutique and DIY pedals housed in Hammond, Eddystone and similar enclosures, Electro Harmonix (EH), Danelectro, MXR, ProCo, Keeley, Analogman, Fulltone etc. If you are not sure about your specific pedal, drop us a line and send us a pic or a drawing from the bottom plate of your pedal, we will help you to choose the right version for you.

Price: $ 1.10 / 1.00 €uros each piece (SKU: smounth)

Our customers can download the detailed manual how to install and use the stompbox mounting helpers H E R E You will need a password to open the file and we will only send it to verified customers - sorry, no exeptions !

Prices incl. VAT - packing, delivery and PayPal charges will be added additionally

External Battery Power Strips

External Battey Power Strips

External battery power strips are available for a longer time now from numerous companies. But they all have some disadvantages that we donīt like and we are pretty sure you also donīt like: they are not very durable (especially the 9 volt battery connector plug), they only can handle one certain polarity and most of them are simply overpriced ! So we tried a lot of possible ways to solve all this problems and here we are with our own version.

We said goodbye to the standard 9 volt "soft clip" you all know and that will fall apart after only a short time of usage and decided to use a very durable military graded, industrial version with a unique 2 piece molded design. This clip offers high reliability 6 prong nickel plated brass snaps and the leads are attached to the snaps with copper solderless ring terminals for extra strength and reliability, while the 7-strand copper conductor is tin overcoated. After twisting the two leads for even more strength, the DC connector with bending protection is hand-soldered to the leads and mechanically stress reliefed, so this should last forever. You have the free choice between the typical standard DC connectors, itīs all the same price:
+ 2.1mm straight or angeled (Boss, Ibanez Standard)
+ 2.5mm straight or angeled (older Wahīs and MXR pedals)
+ 3.5mm audio plug straight or angeled (EH, ProCo, modern MXR and some other pedals)
You can also choose between two polarities:
+ Tip Negative (Boss/Ibanez Standard, as well as Nobels, MXR and most Boutique stuff
+ Tip Positive (ProCo, Electro Harmonix, old germanium pedals like FuzzFaces, Rangemasters etc.)
With our "Premium" Version you can change the polarity of the strip yourself by easily interchange the two cables, this gives you a wide range of flexibility for any application. If you are unsure what you need for a certain stompbox, please contact us.

So for what do you need such a strip ? There is a wide range of applications you can use them for:
+ external power connection for stompboxes your wall-wart canīt power, eg. pedals with an opposite polarity
+ problems with your wall-wart like noise, hiss, bad sound, popping noises, crackling noises, oszillating
+ boutique pedals where you have to screw off the complete bottom plate to change the battery
+ permanentely installed stompboxes on a pedalboard
+ emergency power unit when a battery is empty or the wall-wart fails on stage or in the studio
+ setting up an ultra quiet pedalboard for studio purposes

"Standard" Version with any straight DC connector: $ 5.50 / 5.00 €uros (SKU: dccab1)
"Standard" Version with any angeled DC connector: $ 6.40 / 5.80 €uros (SKU: dccab2)
"Premium" Version with any straight DC connector and changeable polarity: $ 7.15 / 6.50 €uros (SKU: dccab3)
"Premium" Version with any angeled DC connector and changeable polarity: $ 7.70 / 7.00 €uros (SKU: dccab4)

Prices incl. VAT - packing, delivery and PayPal charges will be added additionally

Hum Cancelling Strips

Hum Cancelling Strip

The strip is made out of a high quality cable and fits every finger size (pinkie). The ring is very stable and covered with an anti-allergical surface. All connections are soldered instead of simply crimped, so this thing will last forever. The alligator clip is silver plated and from a very high quality. It will fit every guitar without doing any scratches and provides a perfect connection. The is the best way to get your guitar quiet (even if you find yourself in a studio that has poor grounding) and to avoid any buzzing terror.

Price: $ 6.60 / 6.00 €uros (SKU: humcancel)

Prices incl. VAT - packing, delivery and PayPal charges will be added additionally

String/Vibration Dampers

String/Vibration Dampers

Sometimes you just need a little extra assistance to help keep those unwanted notes from ringing out and ruining a take or to get rid of undesirable string noises between the nut and the tuners or between the bridge and the tailpiece. These unwanted string noises will change and degrade the pure tonal quality of any stringed instrument, but itīs easy to prevent this problem - install one of our dampers between the nut and the tuners and/or between the bridge and the tailpiece (e.g. on an archtop guitar, violin etc.) and you’ll enjoy the pure string sound again. Works for all kinds of instruments like electric and acoustic guitars and basses, archtops, Dobroīs, violins (wolf tone eliminator) and many more. All three versions are easy to use, very effective and are not critical to any instrument finish incl. shellac !

string-through version (#1): This is a special black colored rubber band, used in aviation engineering. It will last forever, stays highly flexible under all climate conditions and temperatures and will not get whiteish over the years. Simply thread it through the individual strings, cut off the excess and play along. This version works best between the bridge and the tailpiece of archtops and acoustic guitars, as well as violins and electric guitars and basses. You will receive enough of the band to cover any given instrument.

under-string version (#2): This version consists of a piece of light-grey so-called "memory-foam" used in automotive engineering and for medical use. You can squeeze it together and it will come up to its original shape again, perfect for this use. Simply slide it under the strings between the bridge and the tailpiece of your instrument, cut off the excess and thatīs it. Works perfectly for all kinds of archtops but classical guitar and violin players like this version best as well.

sandwich version (#3): This is the overall version you can use on any stringed instrument in any given place - between nut and tuners and/or between bridge and tailpiece. Itīs a piece of black special velcro, that is absolutely neutral towards any finish and will not scratch your finish with its sharp edges like standard velcro does. This is the most unobtrusive version we stock as well, on a dark finish it is very difficult to see it at all.

string-through version (#1): $ 4.95 / 4.50 €uros (SKU: damp1)
under-string version (#2): $ 3.85 / 3.50 €uros (SKU: damp2)
sandwich version (#3): $ 6.05 / 5.50 €uros (SKU: damp3)

Prices incl. VAT - packing, delivery and PayPal charges will be added additionally

Power Cap Discharger for Tubeamps

Power Cap Discharger for Tubeamps

When you are working inside tube-amps, this is a handy little tool for you to discharge the power-caps of any tube-amp. With this tool you can savely drain the caps completely within a very short time, you can even leave it attached to the power-caps while you are working inside the amp ! Donīt get zapped and donīt ruin your expensive and valueable tube-amp, this little tool can help you to make tube-amp maintenance much easier.

Price: $ 11.00 / 10.00 €uros (SKU: powercdis)

Our customers can download the detailed manual how to use the Power Cap Discharger H E R E You will need a password to open the file and we will only send it to verified customers - sorry, no exeptions !

Prices incl. VAT - packing, delivery and PayPal charges will be added additionally

Audio Probe Diagnosis Tool

Audio Probe Diagnosis Tool BASIC     Audio Probe Diagnosis Tool DELUXE

This is a little but very helpful diagnosis tool when you are working with audio circuits, eg. inside stompboxes. It can help you to trace errors in the layout, locate faulty semiconductors, cold solder joints, mismatched transistors and other mistakes. All you need is an audio output device like a guitar amp where you can connect the audio probe diagnosis tool and our instruction paper and within a very short time you will be able to trace a lot of errors simply by hearing them. This little tool should not be missing on any workbench ! Our basic version uses standard cables and an insulated piece of wire as a probe, the deluxe version uses ultra flexible teflon wire and a real insulated probe.

"Basic" Version (left picture): $ 7.70 / 7.00 €uros (SKU: probestd)
"Deluxe" Version (right picture): $ 11.00 / 10.00 €uros (SKU: probeprem)

Our customers can download the detailed manual how to use the Audio Probe Diagnosis Tool H E R E You will need a password to open the file and we will only send it to verified customers - sorry, no exeptions !

Prices incl. VAT - packing, delivery and PayPal charges will be added additionally

Guitar Dual Neck Rest

SINGLECOIL Guitar Dual Neck Rest

SINGLECOIL Guitar Dual Neck Rest

This is a lightweight wooden guitar dual neck rest that is great for your workshop and will fit into your guitar case as well, so you have it at your hands everytime you need one. Itīs made for use with all electric and acoustic guitars because of itīs dual construction - naturally you can use it for basses as well. With its thick felt padding itīs neutral against all laquers (incl. nitro !!!) and ideal for restringing, cleaning work, guitar repairs, fret dressing jobs, setup, nut adjustments, saddle adjustments etc. The ideal accessory for all players, makers and repairers. The neck rests safely and securely in this soft support keeping it clear of the bench and preventing damage to your valueable instrument.

Guitar Dual Neck Rest: $ 18.15 / 16.50 €uros (SKU: neckrest)

Prices incl. VAT - packing, delivery and PayPal charges will be added additionally

Professional Instrument Neck Rest

SINGLECOIL Professional Instrument Neck Rest

SINGLECOIL Professional Instrument Neck Rest

The professional version of the neck support for guitar shops, luthiers and naturally all guitar lovers made out of solid European Beach - the perfect connection of longevity and an attractive optical appearance.

Whatever you want to do .... changing strings, cleaning the fretboard, polishing the frets, lubricating the nut - this is the perfect helper for all this jobs. No wimpy plastic toy from the far-east, hand-made out of solid wood and sealed with a special wax/oil combination, soft natural cork to protect all guitar finishes (incl. nitro and shellac). As a custom shop option we can offer to make the neck support out of other woods, using leather instead of cork and not sealing the surface so you can design your own finish, being creative as hell.

The neck support is available in two sizes, the standard model (L/W/H: 18/7/9 cm) is suitable for all acoustic and electric guitars and basses, the smaller version (L/W/H: 12/7/5 cm) for all electric guitars as well as violins, violas, banjos, mandolins, ukes and the like. Because of the roller-design the neck supports are self-leveling to fit any given neck angle - it automatically tilts and locks. The ultra-weight stand space of 60mm (standard model) and 30mm (shorter version) guarantees an always secure working process, no matter what you are doing - use your fret hammer and hammer along, the neck support will not move.

Both neck cradles have a special shaped and beveled edge-design so it will not interfere with your fret file. The additional holes are for clamping the neck support to your workbench if needed - you can use these holes to store your string winder as well, so you always have it when you need it.

For super-special cases an elevation platform (L/W/H: 10/10/3 cm) is available, also covered with natural cork and equipped with a hole to clamp it to your workbench.

Professional Instrument Neck Rest, standard: $ 46.20 / 42.00 €uros (SKU: neckrestpro-std)
Professional Instrument Neck Rest, small: $ 40.70 / 37.00 €uros (SKU: neckrestpro-sml)
Elevation: $ 26.40 / 24.00 €uros (SKU: elev)

Prices incl. VAT - packing, delivery and PayPal charges will be added additionally

The FRETchen fret rocker


Our FRETchen is a 4-in-1 mini straightedge fret rocking device for pinpointing high frets on your guitar, bass and many more stringed instruments. To pinpoint high frets and check the final height after you've redressed or replaced them, use this inexpensive 4-in-1 mini straightedge fret rocker. It spans three frets and "rocks" to indicate uneven fret heights. Precision-lasered for maximum accuracy it offers four different sized edges that make it versatile for almost any fretted instrument: guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins and many more. The FRETchen is made of unbreakable lucite with a nice satin finish and will withstand all battles. It's a great diagnostic tool to check your fretboard, before and after partial refretting and recrowning jobs or simply before you buy a guitar. It lets you do more accurate fret work for better playability and will last a lifetime. The slightly rounded edges will prevent you and your equipment of damages and the lucite material will not damage any soft frets, often seen with fret rockers out of metal. If someone from abroad is interested in the strange name of this tool, itīs a pun dealing with the German name for a ferret, over here we call them "Frettchen" :)

The FRETchen: $ 8.80 / 8.00 €uros (SKU: fretchen)

Prices incl. VAT - packing, delivery and PayPal charges will be added additionally

The EASY push/pull


This small disc (25mm diameter/2mm thick) can make some fumbly things easier for you ! Itīs made out of ultra-transparent lucite, precision laser-cut and designed to be glued on top of guitar knobs on push/pull pots. You know this game, itīs hard to activate your push/pull pots while playing, especially with standard Stratocaster knobs. Simply glue this disc on top of the knob, using a transparent atomic glue and you solved this problem within 30 seconds. Now you have a good grip to engage your push/pull pot and because of the ultra-transparent lucite, itīs not visible for the audience. To make it better visible for you, the edge of the disc is satin finished by hand, so you can even see it on semi-dark stages. A nice little, inexpensive and handy gadget.

The EASY push/pull: $ 1.65 / 1.50 €uros (SKU: easypp)

Prices incl. VAT - packing, delivery and PayPal charges will be added additionally