Here you will find a lot of helpful links, many of them are also DIY related and will help you to increase your knowledge about music electronics. Itīs also a "thanks and greetings" section, dedicated to the fantastic people out there, sharing the same passion and always helpful if you have a problem with those electronical stuff. Enjoy reading and donīt forget to tell us when you find a cool webpage you would like to see here. If you want to place a link to this webpage you can download our banners at the end of this page.

 Andreas Möller (Stinkfoot Electronics)

My friend Andreas from Sweden. He is running a company for fx mods of all kinds, donīt miss to visit his page. In the personal part of his homepage he offers some great technical articles of all kinds. Andreas helped me a lot with some projects here and you will find his name more than only one time within some projects.

 Any Allan (Monkey FX) - actually out of business !

Andy is a nice guy and great techie from England. He is also running a company for handbuilt stompboxes and helped me a lot to understand some basic topics. He is also the mastermind behind the circuit drawings from all the true-bypass related things here. Currently he is out of business regarding the fx related things.

 Jack Orman (AMZ)

Jack is running the great AMZ (Analog Music Zone) webpage, full of cool projects and technical basics, donīt miss this great page. He is always helpful whenever you need him and you can get a lot of inspirations from him. He also sells some great parts and I can also recommend his AMZ CD, as well as his printed Zine.

 Jerry Sleep (General Guitar Gadgets)

Jerry is the man behind the GGG webpage, stuffed with great DIY projects. I built a lot of his projects and I can only encourage everyone to do the same. His ready-to-solder PCBīs are top-notch quality and he is very helpful when you have a question or a problem.

 Steve Daniels (Smallbear Electronics)

Steve is a one of a kind guy and the only source for parts you will ever need. His service is top-notch and Iīm really glad to know him. He also has some great projects on his webpage, so donīt miss his page.

 Robert Keeley (Keeley Effects)

Iīm sure you know Robert and his great effects. His service is what service should be and his effects are really outstanding. Besides this he is a great musician and one of the nicest guys I ever met.

 Bernd Meiser (BSM)

My friend Bernd, also from Germany. He is a well known writer and columnist for the leading german guitar magazine and is running the BSM company, specialized in the finest treblebooster reproductions you can find.

 Burkhard Lehle (Lehle Switcher)

The well-known german Lehle company produces the finest switchers and routers I can imagine. If you donīt want to build them yourself, this is the place for you to go.

 Russell Pace (Pacer Conepts)

Pacer Concepts is the home of the STOCKER, the ultimate headstock protector tool ! This is one of the best and most useful tools we ever came across, so check it out !

 Andreas Mertens (Rockinger Parts)

The ultimative source for all kinds of guitar hardware and DIY stuff. Andreas is a real nice guy and knows his stuff inside-out. So if you are looking for some guitar parts, this is the place to go.

 Michael Pantleon (LeoSounds)

I never thought that I will say this, but the best vintage replica pickups Iīve ever played are made in Germany !!! I tried almost every available pickups from the big guys down to the smallest boutique company and backwards, but the LeoSounds pickups are simply the best !

 Yannis Papadantonakis (GAS - Guitar Aging Studio)

Our friend Yannis from Greece is specialized in everything that has to do with aging and is running his own business about that. If you are interested in aged guitars and parts, check him out !

 Jens Knoop (Lefthandgear)

If you are looking for parts for lefthanded guitars or if you need a complete leftie, this is the place where to go ! Jens is specialized in everything that is lefthanded and will help you with your special concerns.

 Uwe Kämmerich (MEK Guitar Effects)

Great shopping source for all kinds of electronical parts and semiconductors, check it out. Also home of the well known and high-quality MEK guitar stompboxes, handcrafted in Germany.

 Klaus Brunner (Das Musikding)

Another great source for parts, boxes and other DIY stuff in English and German language. Very reasonable prices and an almost complete list of everything you may need for building stompboxes.

 Heinz Rebellius (GuitarDome)

This is the place to go when you are looking for used guitars, basses, amps, pickups, hardware etc. All the advertisements are for free ! Itīs mostly in german but english ads are also welcome.

 Mike Ruskin (NYC Pedalboards)

Mike is the owner and mastermind of the "NYC Pedalboards" company. He is building the finest pedalboards you can find and besides playing bass he is running his own recording studio in New York state.

 Aron Nelson (Aronīs Stompbox page + forum)

A fantastic page and good point to start from for every project. You can find everything here, from circuit drawings over electronical basics to to well known forum. Donīt miss this place, you can discuss here with the big-guys to solve your problems. Aron is also selling great 3PDT switches for a good price.


Mr. R.G. Keenīs great websource for all kinds of DIY fx-related electronics. Donīt miss to visit this page. You can also contact him for technical questions, his answers are top-notch and very detailed.


Another DIY stompbox page with a lot of projects and some PCBīs to buy. There are also a lot of links and most of the projects are rated by people who built them, very helpful !


Steveīs DIY stompbox page with a lot of fantastic documentated projects and a really cool overall webpage design. You can find some projects there that you will not find on any other page, so donīt miss it.

 Erikīs DIY effects and mods

Erik Hansenīs DIY stompbox and modding page offers not only a really cool design, you can find a lot of great modding stuff as well as some DIY stompbox projects there.

 Fuzz Central

A page I like very much, you can find a lot of schematics and DIY projects here, as well as a lot of links. There are not only fuzz circuits, but most of them are gain related.

 SS Guitar

A page devoted to DIY solid state guitar amp building and modification. Well done with a forum and lots of great information, check it out !

 Blue Guitar

When you are looking for a certain schematic this is a good place to start from. Enjoy some reading here and you will know where a lot of ideas are coming from.

 Harmony Central

For those of you who have yet to discover Harmony Central, this is one of the best music related sites on the web. You will find everything from new gear news and reviews to classifieds, tab, online lessons, discussion forums and more. Donīt miss the crazy crew from the "FX Forum", itīs always fun to be there.

 Premier Guitar Magazine

"Premier Guitar" is the ultracool US guitar magazine for the real gearhead, donīt miss to read it ! Itīs my personal homebase for writing a monthly column called "Mod Garage" since 2006.

 Crazy About Guitars

S.C.īs great site for the guitar community with tons of information about everything 6-string. Donīt miss S.C.`s section about counterfeit and replica guitars, my personal favorite !

 MyGuitarWorkshop - Guitar Lessons

If you want to master your guitar playing skills this is the place for you to go. Tons of information about scales, chords, voicings, music theory and a lot more. Highly recommended !

 Skreddys link collection

A very good and almost complete collection of links around DIY pedals and similar stuff. Skreddy (Marc) also builds some very good pedals with a fantastic paintjob on top of the boxes, check them out.

 The FDP Fender Forum

This is the place to go for all Fendermaniacs like me. Here you can discuss all Fender related things with the rest of the world. Here you can also meet some of the big-guys like Bill Hullett, Johnny Hiland and some others.

 Telecaster Discussion Page

If you like Telecasters (like I do) and you want to go down to the smallest details, this is the place to go. Lots of information about Tellies, photos, tuning suggestions, circuits .....