04/05/2019 new vintage Centralab replica pots in stock

07/10/2017 new professional neck rest available

12/23/2016 the new accurate hygrometer available

05/16/2016 the new "Wall of Sound" onboard module is available

03/21/2016 the new "effects/tuner" section is online

01/08/2016 Custom made nylon string sets now available

01/03/2016 NOS Latex Coated Cloth Spaghetti Tubing now available

12/10/2015 New product available: string/vibration dampers

11/21/2015 NOS Brit-Sytle Cloth Wire now available

11/09/2015 Several ground wires are available now

01/24/2013 Speaker Wire Harnesses are available now

01/23/2013 Several special speaker wires are available now

01/22/2013 New product available: The FRETchen fret rocker

01/22/2013 New product available: guitar dual neck rest

01/22/2013 New product available: The EASY push/pull disc

01/22/2013 New product available: Telecaster type baseplate for Stratocaster bridge pickups

01/13/2013 We are now licensed Vovox PURUM custom tailor

01/04/2013 New guitar project online

12/06/2012 The STOCKER headstock protector is available now